ruby zoisite ladies pendant in sterling silverRuby Zoisite Pendant | Stone Mania
ruby zoisite ladies pendant in sterling silver
ruby zoisite ladies pendant in sterling silver
ruby zoisite ladies pendant in sterling silver

Ruby Zoisite Pendant

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Ruby Zoisite Pendant



An impressive ruby zoisite pendant featuring a deep red coloured cabochon mounted in a subtle sterling silver setting.

Ruby zoisite is a combination of two distinctive minerals, the first being red corundum usually known as ruby and the second zoisite.  Mined predominantly in Tanzania, it's a popular lapidary material which takes on a high polish but because of the difference in hardness of corundum and zoisite, it can be a challenging stone to work with.  

This cabochon makes a stunning ladies pendant which we have unfortunately had to reduce due to a minor polishing issue which in certain light, can be seen on the surface of the stone.  It is very minor and may not even have been noticed had we not mentioned it however each pendant in our collection is carefully inspected prior to being uploaded to our website and where pieces are found to have anomalies or minor imperfections, they are added to the Bargain Basement. 

It should be noted that the craftsmanship on all of our ladies pendants is carried out by one of a small team of talented artisans and all work is completed entirely by hand.   

Weight (grams) : 41.3
Size (cms) : 4.8 x 3.6 x 0.9




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