long and narrow shaped pink opal gemstone mounted as a ladies pendant in a sterling silver settingPink Opal Pendant | Stone Mania
long and narrow shaped pink opal gemstone mounted as a ladies pendant in a sterling silver setting

Pink Opal Pendant

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The Bargain Basement is a great section of our website to explore if you're looking for gemstone jewellery on sale.  With all of our ladies pendants having been crafted by hand and with us having such a large number made for us each year, there's always some which end up with minor anomalies which means they cannot be sold at full price.  In the vast majority of cases these minor imperfections would not even be noticed had we not drawn attention to them so for those who love a bargain and who are not looking for perfection, the Bargain Basement is definitely the place to shop.  It's important to mention that should you not be totally satisfied with any item of sale jewellery that you purchase from Stone Mania it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply). 

This distinctive pink coloured common opal also known as a pink opal makes an eye-catching pendant that's been crafted in sterling silver.  The setting however has not been crafted quite as well as it should have been although it's not something that's immediately noticeable.  For this reason however it has been generously discounted and added to other sale jewellery items in the Bargain Basement.

Common opals which are from the same family of stones as the iridescent precious opal take their name from the fact that they're relatively common and can be found in most parts of the world.  The only difference between the precious and common opal is that the latter does not exhibit play of colour or iridescence.

This pink opal pendant can be worn on a sterling silver chain of your choice and in order to protect the gemstone and silver from tarnish, we recommend it be kept in the protective gift pouch that comes with it.

Should you have any questions about any piece of sale jewellery featured in the Bargain Basement feel free to get in touch at any time.  Why not arrange to see this pink opal pendant prior to making your purchase?  Arrange a meeting on Skype with us today 

Weight (grams) : 17.8
Size (cms) : 4.6 x 1.3 x 0.9




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