Round Jasper pendant in a sterling silver settingJasper Pendant | Stone Mania
Round Jasper pendant in a sterling silver setting
Round Jasper pendant in a sterling silver setting
Mocha coloured jasper gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver

Jasper Pendant

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Jasper Ladies Pendant



The distinctive mocha coloured cabochon in this ladies pendant is a variety of jasper but exactly what type we can't say for sure.  At the time of choosing this polished cabochon we were told it may be Picture Jasper but we do not believe that to be correct.  We've certainly not seen anything like this piece before which is the reason why it attracted our attention.  

Other than the eye catching marking that runs horizontally across the centre of the stone, this jasper cabochon is relatively plain but it does feature many tiny indentations which are quite intriguing.  The reason for this ladies pendant being reduced is because there are some very minor imperfections in the way it has been crafted but these anomalies are on the back and probably wouldn't even have been noticed had we not mentioned it.  

Although a slightly larger ladies pendant, this piece is comfortably light weight and has been crafted exclusively for Stone Mania in a highly polished sterling silver setting

Weight (grams) : 27.6
Size (cms) : 4.7 in diameter x 0.7




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