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Stone Mania | A Great Place to Buy Crystals Online

Since launching our website in 2003 our mission has been to provide an outstanding level of service and a positive shopping experience for customers who choose to buy crystals rocks and minerals online from Stone Mania.

We're never far away if you need some help and can be contacted 7 days a week 365 days of the year. 


Product Photographs

We never underestimate the importance of great photos so work hard to ensure that colours and characteristics of each piece that we photograph is as true to life as possible.  Our camera equipment and studio lighting enables us to take large, high quality images but their size has to be reduced to maintain a fast loading and browsing speed.

Product photographs throughout our website can be enlarged and many have also been uploaded in their original size to our page on the photo sharing website Flickr.  By viewing a larger photograph you'll be able to zoom in closer and see more detail.  A link to our page on Flickr can be found at the bottom of each page.

Good lighting is extremely important in photography but occasionally it can cause some colours to appear a shade lighter, darker or more or less vibrant.  Translucent colourless crystals such as quartz and optical phenomenon such as chatoyance, schiller and iridescence can be particularly difficult to capture and reflections can sometimes be mistaken for marks or scratches.

Shapes and sizes can be deceiving depending on the angle from which the photograph was taken so to avoid any disappointment when your order arrives, please read descriptions, weights and measurements carefully.  We always try to include as much detail as possible but if there's anything that we've missed, please do get in touch. 


Weights and Sizes

The size of tumbled stones rocks and minerals are mostly given in centimetres but millimetres will also occasionally be used.  Gemstone pendants are measured from one end of the sterling silver setting to the other, the bale and ring to which it's attached is not included in the given size. The bale is the loop through which the chain is passed and is attached to a ring that's fixed to the top of the pendant.

With regards to weights, we only use grams and kilogrammes.


Tumbled Stones

Our tumbled stones may be purchased individually or in larger quantities.  A 10% discount is often available when buying five of the same stone or a 30% discount may be available when buying ten.  Copper nuggets and elite shungite are individually priced according to weight.   


Articles and Photos

We're always working on our website to ensure that it remains a great place for our customers to shop online and if we're not adding new crystals rocks or minerals to our collection, we're either updating existing pages or creating new ones.  The Articles and Photos section is full of interesting information, fantastic photos and hundreds of carefully chosen links so is well worth exploring.  Many of the photos are clickable and redirect to the original full size image.   

We believe spammy and irrelevant links and pop-up boxes spoil the experience of shopping online so you won't find these anywhere on our website.  All of our links have been very carefully chosen and are directly relevant to the subject matter you're reading about.  We only include a link if we genuinely believe that's it may be of interest or is really worth sharing.  In the event that you land on a broken link please let us know so that we can put it right immediately.


The Importance of Feedback

Feedback is really important because it tells us how we're doing and helps us build a relationship with our customers.  Many consumers who shop online look for reviews before making a purchase so they also help strengthen our credibility as an honest and trustworthy business.   

If you enjoyed shopping online with Stone Mania and were happy with your purchase, please do leave us a review.  These can either be left on Trustpilot or Google.  If you have a Google account just click the banner below. 

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Post Order Communication

Having placed an order online with Stone Mania you'll receive an automated system email to confirm your order.  You will then receive a second email to confirm that your parcel has been dispatched.  Emails don't always arrive as they should do to your inbox so if you've given us your mobile number we'll advise you via WhatsApp or with a text message that the Order Dispatch Note email has been sent.  Your telephone number will not be used for any other purpose.  


Thanks for Visiting Stone Mania

If you enjoy using social media we'd love you to follow us.  We can be found on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Links to our pages can be found just below.



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