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ways to get in touch with Stone Mania 



By E-Mail

Our email address is info at  Please replace "at" with @ and leave no spaces.  Writing our email address in this way ensures it's not picked up by automatic spammers. 


By Telephone

You can contact us at any time on 0208 954 2163.  All calls are screened because of the number of spam and silent calls that we receive.  During office hours it's likely that we'll hear you leaving your message so will pick up straight away.  If we miss your call we'll call you back as soon as we can.

If you'd prefer to place an order with us over the telephone instead of online that's fine but we're not able to process payment over the telephone.  We can however send you a PayPal invoice to enable you to make payment.  You do not need a PayPal account or have to create one to use this service.  They simply processes the payment on behalf of your bank or credit card company.

Alternatively you can make payment by bank transfer.


Through WhatsApp

We're always available to chat via WhatsApp.  To start a chat just click on the button at the bottom of our website.  Alternatively you can WhatsApp us by using the office number above.

You can link your WhatsApp account to your PC although it has to be through the 'Chrome' web browser because there's no standalone desktop app.  Using WhatsApp on your desktop has many advantages including but not limited to, making typing easier and being able to upload photos and documents directly from your hard drive. 


Online Face to Face

We're happy to meet face to face online either through Zoom or WhatsApp. This facility may be used if you'd like to see something in more detail from our website. To book a video chat please speak with us first to arrange a suitable time.



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