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Leopardskin Jasper Crystals

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Leopardskin Jasper Crystals



AAA grade Leopardskin Jasper crystals also referred to as tumbled stones, imported by Stone Mania from South Africa. The shades of colour in this curious variety of jasper vary from subtle brown to deep red and it's a stone that's particularly popular with younger rock and mineral collectors. 

In crystal healing leopardskin jasper is said to attract energies into your life that will enable you to move on from past traumas and scars caused by severe discipline in early life. It's a particularly suitable crystal for those who work with animals, the skin or in a physically dangerous environment. Its healing properties work slowly so it does need to be used or carried for long periods of time. It's also considered to be a powerful healer for adult pets but may well be too powerful for small or younger animals.

Leopardskin Jasper tumbled stones make a great teaching aid for children who share an interest in the natural world and may also be used in crafts which utilise polished rocks and minerals.

Our leopardskin jasper tumbled stones range in size from small to medium, approximate weights and sizes can be found below. When making your selection from the dropdown list should you choose to purchase 5 or 10 crystals there is a possibility you may be charged slightly more for postage than we end up paying because of the difference in weight of each stone.  Should this be the case any difference will be refunded once your order has been dispatched.


Save 10% on 5 Leopardskin Jasper Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 3.8 - 7
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 2.9




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