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Green Fluorite Crystals

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Green Fluorite Crystals



Beautiful green fluorite crystals ideal for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing or to add to any collection of polished rocks and minerals.  Although popular as a lapidary material fluorite is relatively soft and grades just 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  These marble-like stones exhibit a vitreous lustre which refers to the way that light interacts with the surface of the stone.  Rocks and minerals with a vitreous lustre often have an appearance and texture that's similar to glass. 

In crystal healing fluorite is considered to be highly protective especially on a psychic level and is often used to help combat any form of disorganisation. Associated with progress, it incorporates structure into one's daily life and draws off negative energy and stress. Fluorite is said to protect against electromagnetic stress and may help relieve negative forces so not only will a collection of green fluorite tumbled stones make an eye-catching display but they're also ideal for placing next to a computer. 

Translucent minerals are always particularly fascinating to look at and these green fluorite crystals are no exception. Try using a loupe or strong magnifying glass and you'll really be able to marvel at the magnificence of Mother Nature.

We currently only have a limited number of green fluorite tumbled stones available.  Exact weights and sizes of these medium sized stones does vary slightly from piece to piece. When making your selection from the dropdown list should you choose to purchase 5 or 10 crystals there is a possibility you may be charged slightly more for postage than we end up paying because of the difference in weight of individual stones. Should this be the case any difference will be refunded once your order has been dispatched.


Save 10% on 5 Green Fluorite Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 11 - 19.4
Size Range (cms) : 2.4 - 2.8




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