Healing Crystals



collection of colourful tumbled stones 

Healing crystals transformed into smooth, rounded tumbled stones.  These highly polished rocks and minerals are produced in a machine known as a rock tumbler and the process is simply mimicking something that has been taking place since the dawn of time.  When tumbled stones are produced naturally they're known as river pebbles or beach pebbles.

Tumbled stones are popular with rock and mineral collectors of all ages and are highly sought after for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing.   All of the healing crystals featured in our collection have been carefully chosen by one of our team and where available, we always select AAA grade stones.

Although we buy our crystals, rocks and minerals in Africa, Asia and the USA they are sourced from around the world.  Our shungite comes directly from a supplier in Karelia in Russia which is home to the world's largest deposit of this curious mineraloid.  

The healing crystals in this section may be purchased individually or in larger quantities.  Discounts of 10% and 30% apply should you choose to buy five or ten of the same tumbled stone.  Being widely available and relatively cheap means that it doesn't take long to build up a captivating collection.  Younger rock and mineral collectors love tumbled stones but care should be taken around young children because there may be a risk of choking should a stone end up in their mouth.

Our healing crystals are produced in large quantities in industrial sized rock tumblers hence the exact weight and size of individual tumbled stones can vary slightly from piece to piece.  Those featured in our photos are all from our collection and once we receive your order each crystal will be carefully chosen prior to being dispatched in a stylish gift pouch.  Please be aware that the colour or shade of colour of certain crystals may appear to be slightly lighter, darker or more or less vibrant in our photos than it actually is which may be as a result of your monitor or device, your browser or our photographic equipment.  The angle and range at which photos have been taken may also give some crystals the appearance of being slightly larger or smaller than they actually are so please be sure to check weights and sizes before placing an order.