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Lava | Molten Rock from a Volcanic Eruption


red hot lava flow from the vent of a volcano



Once Lava Cools it Forms Igneous Rock

Lava is molten rock that pours onto the Earth's surface during a volcanic eruption. Once lava cools and solidifies it forms an igneous rock.

The only difference between lava and magma is that one refers to molten rock whilst it's below the surface of the Earth and the other refers to molten rock once it has been spewed out from the vent of a volcano.  

The lava flow in our photo is courtesy of Stan Celestian.  The photo is of the eruption from Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō (Mt Kīlauea) volcano in Hawaii.  The eruption which began in 1983 lasted for thirty five years.  It ended in 2018.  The photo is clickable and redirects to the original full size image. 



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