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What is a Geode?

natural quartz geode

Geode is a Rock Cavity with Crystals

A geode is a rock with a cavity that contains visible quartz or chalcedony crystals or possibly both. It can also contain other minerals.  No two geodes will ever be the same.

The town of Keokuk in the U.S state of Iowa has an abundance of geodes.  The deposit where they're found dates back approximately three hundred and fifty million years.

Geodes from the Las Choyas deposit in Chihuahua in Mexico are mined as deep as one hundred feet underground.  Hundreds of kilos of geodes are mined in this remote stretch of desert.

Some of the world's finest amethyst geodes come from Brazil.  The area where they're mined dates back one hundred and twenty five million years.

This purple variety of quartz is likely to be the most popular type of geode.  Although citrine is also well known, almost all geodes with citrine crystals are amethyst that has been heated.

The picture of the quartz geode in our article is courtesy of Stan Celestian.  Clicking the image redirects to the original non-compressed photo. 

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