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What are Dendrites?

the mineral talc with dendritic inclusions

Dendrite is a Crystal Formation

In geology a dendrite is a crystal with a multi-branching tree-like form.  So it's basically a crystal formation.

Dendritic inclusions are relatively common and can be seen in many rocks and minerals.  Dendrites can also be seen as snowflake formations and frost patterns on glass windows during the cold winter months.

The word 'dendrite' comes from the Greek 'dendron' meaning 'tree'.

Dendritic inclusions in rocks and minerals can look very similar to organic matter.  Where present, a stone can initially be mistaken for a fossil.

Article Picture

The picture in our article is of the mineral talc with dendritic inclusions. The photo is clickable and redirects to the original non-compressed image. Photo courtesy of Stan Celestian.

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