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Empathic Warrior Crystals

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What are Empathic Warrior Crystals?

The term empathic warrior when used in relation to crystals describes a stone that has become damaged at some point during its lifetime.  The term seems to have appeared quite recently and some claim it only refers to damage to the terminated point of quartz crystals.  Having read several articles on the subject opinion is certainly divided but I have to say, I believe it's a much nicer term to use than saying a crystal is damaged.  Using the word damaged simply implies that a material that has taken millions of years to evolve is not quite as perfect as we would like it to be.   

When asked about crystals which are broken or damaged Judy Hall author of the Crystal Bible series says they should never ever be thrown away and should instead be given some TLC.  She says in return for your kindness you'll be very well rewarded.  Despite their not so perfect appearance a damaged or broken crystal works just as well as any other and nicks, chips or fractures can all be energetically healed.

Empathic warrior crystals have the ability to heal themselves whilst in the care of the right keeper and having been through and recovered from a trauma.  Their healing properties and energy are often magnified significantly as a result.  Regarded in crystal healing circles as magical, special and wise teachers, these crystals must first be helped to heal.

With regards to caring for and nurturing a damaged crystal Judy Hall says they need to be held, reassured and valued.  If necessary re-engage them with the earth by burying them for a period of time and once back in your care recharge them in the warmth of the sun or light of the moon. Once their period of recovery is complete an unbreakable and infinite bond will have been created.

It's important to be aware that most of the crystals rocks and minerals that we enjoy today in whatever capacity began life many millions and in some cases billions of years ago.  Zircon for example is four billion years old.  These materials are literally the building blocks of our planet so why should they be thrown away just because of a chip, mark or anomaly that we don't find aesthetically pleasing?

Scientists estimate that over two thirds of minerals on Earth owe their existence to life but life may also owe its existence to certain minerals.

At Stone Mania we have never disposed of a crystal rock mineral or gemstone because it's not quite as perfect as we would like it to be.  It's true that sometimes a damaged stone can feel different or not quite right but although we may perceive the reason for that as being the 'imperfection', in reality it's unlikely to be the actual cause.

Should you not feel comfortable around a healing crystal or it doesn't seem to have the right energy, give it away as a gift or return it to the earth.  Many crystal healers say that if an 'empathic warrior crystal' makes you feel uncomfortable even after being cleansed to remove lingering energies from a previous owner, it may well be because you need the healing that it can provide.  The more discomfort and unease around a crystal the more it has to give and the more you have to learn from it.

Breaking through energy blockages in healing is not always straightforward and although some crystals can feel uplifting and amazing, others can feel draining, cumbersome and intense.  The real reason for that may be because they're doing important work.  By making you feel that way the crystal could be trying to grab your attention to make you aware of a behaviour or feeling that needs addressing.

In today's society many people spend their lives chasing perfection but instead of bringing happiness it can lead to stress, anxiety, exhaustion and depression.  Perfection is rarely attainable and pursuing something that doesn't exist can have dire consequences.  In nature perfection doesn't exist because everything is unique and every living organism has to constantly adapt to its changing environment.  Even the world's finest crystals are not naturally perfect and will in many cases have been heat treated to enhance their appearance to make them more beautiful, more desirable and more valuable. 

Everyone who uses crystals for their healing properties should have an empathic warrior crystal in their collection.  I have always hated using the word 'damaged' or 'imperfection' to describe something out of the ordinary in a crystal rock or mineral.  These naturally occurring materials have taken millions of years to become what they are today so a minor anomaly or imperfection certainly doesn't render them as being worthless or not fit for purpose.  Sadly in many environments they will be thrown away because they're simply no longer desirable.  Having discovered the term empathic warrior I feel it's perfect for these pieces and hope it will be adopted by others.

Tumbled crystals in our collection that we find with chips, nicks, fractures or other anomalies have always been put to one side and have never been included in standard orders.  Having adopted the term empathic warrior crystal to encompass any stone that has some form of damage however it may have been caused, we now give our customers the opportunity to purchase these stones where available. at a significantly reduced price.

Tumbled stones which are produced in industrial sized rock tumblers often travel thousands of miles around the world and pass through countless pairs of hands before finally being offered for sale.  It is therefore inevitable that some will become damaged but that's not a reason to just throw them away.

Considering that many crystal healers agree that damaged or broken crystals can have increased power or energy, I feel use of the word of empathic warrior to describe these crystals couldn't be more perfect.

To purchase an empathic warrior tumbled crystal from our collection just make your selection from the dropdown list on the respective page. If the option is not there get in touch using the contact button at the bottom of our website and we can check to see what we have available. 



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