Tumbled Stones


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Tumbled stones which are also known as crystals, healing crystals and sometimes tumble stones are rocks and minerals which have been slowly polished inside a machine known as a rock tumbler.  Small pieces of stone of a similar size are placed inside the barrel with water and grit and as they slowly rotate, the rocks and minerals begin to lose their rough edges and take on a more rounded shape. The coarseness of the grit in the rock tumbler will determine the smoothness of the stones and the length of time that it takes for them to be transformed can vary from several hours to many weeks. The final stage of the process is to replace the grit with polish and after a further period of gentle rotation, the rocks and minerals come out as smooth, rounded and beautifully polished tumbled stones.

Being colourful makes tumbled stones wonderfully eye catching and they'are also surprisingly tactile.  They have a wide variety of uses and are popular with mineral collectors of all ages.  Many believe they have magical powers or an energy which gives them the ability to protect against, manage or even cure, aches, pains, illness and disease. They are frequently carried as an amulet or lucky charm and different crystals are attributed with having different powers. Healing crystals are used in conjunction with a number of different alternative therapies but the most well known is crystal healing.

Tumbled stones are a great way to introduce children to natural crystals, rocks and minerals and being both small and extremely affordable, means they're ideal for those wanting to start a collection.


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