polished gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silverGemstone Pendant | Stone Mania
polished gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
polished gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
polished gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver

Gemstone Pendant

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Hand Crafted Gemstone Pendant



Sometimes when choosing polished cabochons for our collection of ladies pendants we find a stone that attracts our attention simply because it's unusual or has something else about it that we find curious or interesting.  Of course we also have to ask ourselves whether it's going to make an appealing piece of jewellery but years of experience has shown that when it comes to gemstones, everyone has their own taste. 

Our addiction with rocks and minerals was probably the reason why this particular gemstone attracted our attention and having been buying it for the best part of ten years now, we are no closer to knowing for certain exactly what type of stone it is.  What we do know however is that it's surprisingly popular and the pendants that we have made are never around for long.  Having carried out a considerable amount of research we have established that many businesses refer to it as mariam fossil, elephant skin jasper and calligraphy stone but these are simply names which have been created by retailers or stone suppliers in India where the vast majority of the world's cabochons are processed.

When researching information on the crystals rocks and minerals in our collection we're always careful about where we source information from.  Sadly so much of what you read online on this subject is inaccurate and despite these names being widely used, there's no hard evidence to support that any of what has been written is genuinely factual.  Having asked about it on various mineralogy and geology forums nobody can give us a definitive answer.  So although no closer to finding out geologically exactly what it is, it's a gemstone that still attracts our attention whenever we're buying cabochons for our collection.

Mounted in a fine sterling silver setting, this light weight pendant  may not be everyone's cup of tea but we're confident that for someone, it will be exactly what they've been looking for.  

Weight (grams) : 21.5
Size (cms) : 5 x 3.6 x 0.7