Ladies turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silverTurquoise Pendant | Stone Mania
Ladies turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
Ladies turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
Ladies turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver

Turquoise Pendant

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A ladies turquoise pendant that's chunkier than some of the other turquoise pendants in our collection.  This impressive piece features an eye-catching polished gemstone with gorgeous colour, subtle markings and minimal matrix.  Like all of the cabochons in our collection this piece was meticulously chosen by one of our team, it boasts a slightly dull lustre which refers to the way that it interacts with the light. Gems with a vitreous lustre have a surface which reflects light in a similar way to glass and those with a dull lustre don't reflect much light at all.  The lustre of the mineral turquoise is usually described as being waxy or sub-vitreous which means it's almost vitreous but not quite.

Although turquoise is hugely popular as a gemstone for use in jewellery and always has been, it's very delicate so must be treated with care and be protected from moisture and other pollutants in the atmosphere including perfume, hairspray and cosmetics. To keep turquoise jewellery in tip top condition it's good practice to wipe stones with a soft cloth before and after wearing them and to keep them covered when they're not in use. If neglected the colour of turquoise can change or fade dramatically and furthermore, it doesn't respond well to being cleaned.

Turquoise is the modern birthstone for the month of December and it's one of the oldest of all gemstone varieties and one which is revered by many different cultures around the world.

Weight (grams): 40.8 
Measurements (cms): 6.2 x 3.7 0.9




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