Large turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silverTurquoise Pendant | Stone Mania
Large turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
Large turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
Large turquoise pendant crafted in fine sterling silver

Turquoise Pendant

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Our love for turquoise is clearly defined by the size of some of the turquoise pendants in our collection.  When choosing this gemstone variety we often come across larger cabochons which are just too beautiful to ignore and we certainly wouldn't dream of cutting them down. This is a beautiful stone and we knew it would make a stunning pendant and despite its size, it's not at all chunky.

Highly polished and boasting fantastic colour, this turquoise pendant has been crafted exclusively for Stone Mania in a simple but elegant, sterling silver setting. Sadly we have not been able to capture its exemplary polish but it reflects the light beautifully and is silky smooth to the touch.

Turquoise is an old time favourite and it's a gemstone that's recognized the world over. It's important to note however that it is in fact very delicate and must be treated with care and protected from moisture and other pollutants in the environment including perfume, hairspray and cosmetics. We recommend that turquoise be wiped with a soft cloth before and after being worn and always ensure it's covered before putting it away. As well as looking after the stone, this will also ensure the silver doesn't tarnish excessively.

Turquoise which is the modern birthstone for the month of December is one of the oldest of all gemstones and the first to have ever been imitated.

Weight (grams): 49.6
Measurements (cms): 7.1 x 4.7 0.7


Turquoise | Stone Mania



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