tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverTiffany Stone Pendant | Stone Mania
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Tiffany Stone Pendant

Price: £32.50
Product Code: TFSP



Tiffany Stone pendant featuring a carefully chosen highly polished cabochon.  Crafted by hand in a sterling silver setting, this ladies pendant is light weight and one of only a few Tiffany Stone pendants that we currently have available.  

Tiffany Stone is a rare type of rock which can only be found in one location in Western Utah but the area is now off limits so no further mining is currently possible. It's widely stated online that it was named because of its similarity to Tiffany Glass but we cannot find any documented evidence at all to support that despite extensive and thorough research.

Made up of a number of different natural minerals, Tiffany Stone is sometimes called bertrandite which is not correct although it does contain this beryllium rich mineral and is the reason why most Tiffany Stone is crushed up. Beryllium is one of the lightest of all metals which also has one of the highest melting points hence it's highly sought after for industrial purposes.

Manganese oxide along with the minerals quartz and fluorite are believed to be the cause of this stone's distinctive colour and since being discovered, it's used primarily for lapidary purposes and in particular cabochons which go on to be mounted in items of jewellery. 

With the only location in the world where Tiffany Stone can be found now being closed for the foreseeable future, this striking gemstone will slowly become even rarer than it currently is.

Weight (grams): 16.1
Size (cms): 3.5 x 2.8 x 0.8




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