sponge coral gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverSponge Coral Pendant | Stone Mania
sponge coral gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
sponge coral gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
sponge coral gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Sponge Coral Pendant

Price: £49.99
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A particularly eye-catching sponge coral pendant boasting rich orange colour and wonderfully subtle markings. Crafted by hand in a fine, sterling silver setting, this ladies pendant is surprisingly light weight and one of only a small number of sponge coral pendants that we currently have available.

Correctly known as melithaea ochracea, sponge coral is a coral not a sponge but may be freely traded because it's not considered to be endangered. It comes primarily from the South China Sea and is porous and very soft grading just 3½ to 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness so it must be treated with care.

Most of the sponge coral which is transformed into gemstones has been stabilized because its natural tree-like structure is full of tiny holes which have been created by polyps. The holes give it an appearance similar to that of a sponge hence the name sponge coral came about. When rocks or minerals are stabilized it means they're filled with a resin or other materials to stop them from eroding or crumbling, it can also be a method of strengthen or repairing the object so that it may then be used for another purpose such as a gemstone.

This highly polished and colourful sponge coral pendant is sure to attract plenty of attention and although most likely to be an impromptu purchase, we're confident that you'll love having it as part of your collection of gemstone jewellery.

Weight (grams): 23.1
Size (cms): 5.2 x 3.2 x 0.7



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