Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silverRainbow Calsilica Pendant | Stone Mania
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

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Rainbow Calsilica ladies pendant crafted in a highly polished sterling silver setting. This funky looking gemstone makes a great piece of ladies jewellery and one that's sure to attract plenty of attention. When first introduced to the commercial market some years ago the supplier of Rainbow Calsilica said it was a natural rock from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. It soon attracted the attention of geologists and rock and mineral enthusiasts from around the world but before long questions started being asked.  Whilst the world's only supplier insisted that it was a natural material, he couldn't reveal the exact location in Chihuahua where it was mined because he said the owners of the land wanted to protect it from exploitation.

As experts became increasingly suspicious, samples were sent away for in-depth analysis and the results confirmed that Rainbow Calsilica was in fact man-made. Although traces of the minerals hematite, celestine and calcite were present, the colour pigments in the stone were not natural and many of the particles seemed to be bonded together with a plastic-like material similar to paraffin wax. The supplier of the Rainbow Calsilica that had been tested argued that he imports it directly from Mexico in large slabs and his company then stabilises it with an epoxy to increase the stone's durability. He claimed it was that resin that was showing up in their tests.

Rainbow Calsilica fooled the rock and mineral community for some time and many wholesalers and retailers still insist today that it's a naturally occurring material.  I think we can confirm with some degree of confidence at Stone Mania that it is in fact man-made but that said, it's a fascinating product and for the time being, is a "gemstone" that we still enjoy using in our collection.

Although large, this Rainbow Calsilica pendant is not at all chunky and features a relatively large bale which means it can be worn on a slightly thicker style of chain.  

Weight (grams): 33.6
Size (cms): 6.2 x 3.2 x 0.7




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