Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silverRainbow Calsilica Pendant | Stone Mania
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver
Rainbow Calsilica pendant crafted in sterling silver

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

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Rainbow calsilica is a colourful stone and one which was shrouded in mystery for several years before it was finally confirmed with some degree of certainty, that it wasn't actually a natural material. First introduced to the gemstone market in 2002 at a prestigious gem and mineral fair in the USA, rainbow calsilica was presented as a natural mineral that had recently been discovered in Mexico.  Having caught the attention of geologists and mineral enthusiasts from around the world, questions poured in and it began to be scrutinized in an attempt to confirm its authenticity.  Despite specific details of where it was found or how it was mined being withheld, it gradually became apparent that rainbow calsilica was in fact a material that was being enhanced.  Although vehemently denied by the one and only supplier, the presence of colouring agents and a transparent plastic-like material similar to paraffin wax meant the game was finally over.  

The argument about whether rainbow calsilica was natural or not was bandied around for a number of years during which time its popularity as a gemstone increased.  Little has ever been discovered about its true origins or the people behind its production and we continue to hear stories from customers who have been told that it's a natural mineral from Mexico.

We followed the story of rainbow calsilica since the first day we discovered it and kept an open mind until all the facts had been established.  Although we only deal in natural crystals, rocks and minerals, this is a fun material that we still enjoy having as part of our collection and each piece that we choose is mounted exclusively for Stone Mania in a fine sterling silver setting.  Rainbow calsilica remains a popular choice with our customers and that's a good enough reason for us to continue buying it.

Weight (grams): 26
Size (cms): 4.9 x 3.2 x 1


Rainbow Calsilica | Stone Mania



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