Dendritic Agate ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverDendritic Agate Pendant | Stone Mania
Dendritic Agate ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
dendritic agate ladies gemstone pendant
dendritic agate ladies gemstone pendant

Dendritic Agate Pendant

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Dendritic Agate Pendant



Dendritic agate gemstone pendant, a large and chunky piece of ladies jewellery.  As with all of the ladies pendants in our collection this piece has been crafted by hand exclusively for Stone Mania in a fine sterling silver setting.  This eye-catching stone was carefully chosen by one of our team and is the only piece of dendritic agate that we currently have available in our collection.

Agate which is a variety of the mineral chalcedony often exhibits distinctive banding but contrary to popular belief, not all agate is banded. Moss and dendritic agate both feature distinctive plant-like inclusions which are known as dendrites. A dendrite is a crystal formation that occurs with a branching form hence it's often mistaken for organic matter.  Relatively common, they're caused by mineral solutions that have filled the cracks or layers of rocks during their formation.

A dendritic agate cabochon of this size is relatively rare and this beautiful stone certainly makes a dramatic and unique piece of jewellery.  The bale on this pendant has been crafted slightly larger so it may if preferred be worn on a thicker style of chain.

Weight (grams) : 43.1
Size (cms) : 5 x 4.7