labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in silverLabradorite Pendant | Stone Mania
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in silver
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in silver
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in silver

Labradorite Pendant

Price: £92.50
Product Code: MULA



This labradorite pendant is a special piece that's unlike any other gemstone pendant in our collection and it comes with a magical story.  This impressive polished cabochon interacts with the light beautifully and has been mounted in an ethnic style 925 silver setting.  As well as being extremely tactile, the colours that can be seen in this slightly translucent labradorite stone as it interacts with the light are quite fascinating.  As tends to be the case with labradorite, it's extremely difficult to capture the full iridescence (also known as labradorescence or schiller) that stones exhibit in a photo because the colour changes and is further enhanced with the reflection of light from different angles.  

Whilst spending time with the team of artisans who make our gemstone pendants for us, we were introduced to the newest member of their team who was coming to the end of his training. He showed us this labradorite pendant which he had been working on for the last few days but at that time, it wasn't quite finished.  The style of the setting is very traditional in India and unlike sterling silver, it's classified as 925 silver which contains a slightly higher percentage of copper.  For someone that had only been working in the trade for a few months we were incredibly impressed with his work and furthermore, the labradorite stone which he'd cut and polished himself was a beautiful grade of stone.  When we returned a couple of days later the pendant was finished and we immediately knew that we wanted it for our collection.  

This unique and very special ladies gemstone pendant was created by a newly trained talented young artisan and we're confident that this piece of labradorite jewellery will make someone very happy.

Weight (grams): 44.1
Size (cms): 7 x 3.5 x 1.2




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