hematite pendant crafted in sterling silverHematite Pendant | Stone Mania
hematite pendant crafted in sterling silver
hematite pendant crafted in sterling silver
hematite pendant crafted in sterling silver

Hematite Pendant

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Ladies Hematite Pendant



Hematite is a particularly distinctive and unique gemstone variety and one that's not seen that often in items of jewellery.  A steely grey coloured stone with a metallic lustre, hematite is the mineral form of iron which although stronger than pure iron is also more brittle. Like anything that's brittle if hematite is dropped or knocked it can shatter or chip so it's a stone that must be handled carefully.

This ladies hematite pendant has been crafted by hand in a fine sterling silver setting and despite its size, it's not overly chunky.  Hematite as a gemstone is certainly not everyone's cup of tea but it's widely used in crystal healing because the properties that it carries are said to be powerful and protective. Although this cabochon looks more black than grey in our photo, the colour would best be described as a light silvery grey.

When used as a gemstone hematite can be cut as a cabochon or faceted although the latter is rare due to it being so brittle. When stones are faceted they can resemble black diamonds. Surprisingly hematite has the same crystal structure as the mineral corundum

In crystal healing hematite has long been associated with blood and has been used to heal blood disorders and to stop bleeding. The root of the word (hema tite) is shared with the word hemaglobin which is the protein in red blood cells that contains iron and is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. Both words can also be spelt as haematite and haemaglobin and when done so, they're pronounced heematite and heemaglobin.

Weight (grams) : 39.3
Size (cms) : 4.7 x 3.3 x 0.7




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