large dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silverDinosaur Bone Pendant | Stone Mania
large dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver
large dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver
large dinosaur bone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Dinosaur Bone Pendant

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You don't see many people wearing a dinosaur bone pendant and whilst we're not able to tell you exactly what kind of dinosaur this stone came from, we can tell you that as polished gemstones go it's pretty unique.

Dinosaur bone is known by a few different names one of which is agatised dinosaur bone which is a more accurate description of what this material is.  Dinosaur Bone formed through permineralisation which is a process of fossilisation that involves minerals such as agate, chalcedony, quartz and pyrite replacing the organic tissue in the original bone whilst cell walls remained relatively intact. Petrifaction occurs as part of this process and the word comes from Ancient Greek and literally means "wood turned into stone".

What actually happened is that dissolved minerals being carried by groundwater filled spaces and voids in organic materials such as wood and bone and as the water dried up, the minerals were left behind. Fossilised Wood also known as Petrified Wood is another example and a mineral that more people are familiar with.

The vast majority of dinosaur bone is found in Utah and Colorado and as well as having a distinctive appearance, it also has an unfamiliar texture.

Although quite large this dinosaur bone pendant has a slim design and is relatively light weight.  Crafted by hand exclusively for Stone Mania in a fine sterling silver setting, it makes a unique and eye catching piece that will also be a great talking point. 

Weight (grams): 38.7
Size (cms): 5.7 x 4.6 x 0.8




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