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Round Agate gemstone crafted as a pendant in a sterling silver settingAgate Pendant | Stone Mania
Round Agate gemstone crafted as a pendant in a sterling silver setting
Polkadot Agate ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
Round Agate gemstone crafted as a pendant in a sterling silver setting

Agate Pendant

Price: £59.99
Product Code: REAT



Wonderfully colourful ladies agate pendant crafted for Stone Mania in an elegant sterling silver setting. The visible greyish white crystals in this naturally colourful gemstone are particularly striking and are part of the reason why it caught our attention.  

Agate which is known for its distinctive patterns is a common variety of the mineral chalcedony which in its purest form, is mainly white and grey. Impurities that occur during the stone's formation not only cause a multitude of different colours but are also responsible for agate's characteristic banding.  

Popular for use as a gemstone, agate tends to be polished as a cabochon or cut into beads but agate tumbled stones are also popular and are used for ornamental purposes and in alternative therapies such as crystal healing

Agate has been used as a lapidary material for thousands of years and is believed to have been one of the twelve gemstones in the High Priest's Breastplate.  This was a religious garment that was worn by the Jewish high priest in biblical times.

Words such as Dendritic, Botswana, Fire and Polkadot to name just a few often precede the name agate and will often identify a particular characteristic, a colour or the location where the stone was found.

This eye catching ladies agate pendant has been crafted by hand by one of a small team of highly skilled artisans with whom Stone Mania have been working for almost twenty years.

Weight (grams): 27.5
Size (cms): 4.1 in diameter x 0.7




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