Kambaba jasper gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in a sterling silver settingKambaba Jasper Pendant | Stone Mania
Kambaba jasper gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in a sterling silver setting
kambaba jasper ladies gemstone pendant in sterling silver
kambaba jasper ladies gemstone pendant in sterling silver

Kambaba Jasper Pendant

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Kambaba Jasper Pendant for Ladies



Ladies Kambaba Jasper pendant crafted by hand exclusively for Stone Mania in a slightly chunkier sterling silver setting. This striking gemstone which is also known as Crocodile Jasper is a distinctive stone that can only be found in Madagascar.  A naturally occurring rock, it's used primarily as a lapidary material and gemstones tend to be cut as cabochons.

Much of the information that's documented online about Kambaba Jasper is geologically incorrect and it's taken us many years of painstaking research to be able to establish exactly what type of stone this is.  The reason for all the confusion is because as more articles are being written and posted online about lesser known rock and mineral varieties, more and more inaccurate information is also being circulated.  Many of the articles which have been written about Kambaba Jasper include so called facts which have basically been copied from other people's work and in many cases, those articles have also been copied.  As budding authors change and paraphrase other peoples' work in order to give their article the appearance of being original, accuracy becomes lost and as the process repeats itself you move further and further away from the truth.  Although it took us some time, we did finally manage to discover the truth about this distinctive and unique coloured rock.  

Other names associated with Kambaba Jasper include Crocodile Jasper, Star Galaxy Jasper which is a trade name created by wholesalers in India, Green Stromatolite Jasper which is believed to be a more accurate geological description and Nebula Stone which is a different material completely.

Kambaba Jasper is certainly a fascinating stone and one that has created an enormous amount of confusion.

Weight (grams) : 40.7
Size (cms) : 5.5 x 3.8 x 0.8




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