oval shaped reddish brown coloured fossilized coral gemstone crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silverFossilized Coral Pendant | Stone Mania

Fossilized Coral Pendant

Price: £28.99
Product Code: RBFC



Reddish brown coloured fossilized coral pendant featuring a highly polished gemstone.  This curious mineral is not seen that often as a gemstone and finding really nice quality pieces can sometimes be a challenge.  A distinctive stone which dates back approximately 350 million years, it comes primarily from Indonesia and the shores of Lake Michigan in the United States.  Fossilized coral which comes from the shores of Lake Michigan is also known as Petoskey Stone after the city of Petoskey because large quantities of this stone can be found there. 

This charismatic fossilized coral pendant is extremely light weight and the setting that we've used is fine sterling silver.

Weight (grams) : 18.7
Size (cms) : 4.4 x 3.1 x 0.7




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