chunky turquoise ladies pendant crafted in fine sterling silverTurquoise Pendant | Stone Mania
chunky turquoise ladies pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
chunky turquoise ladies pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
chunky turquoise ladies pendant crafted in fine sterling silver

Turquoise Pendant

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Hand Crafted Turquoise Pendant



A wonderfully charismatic turquoise pendant suited to ladies who prefer their jewellery on the chunky side.  Mounted in a hand crafted sterling silver setting, this polished gemstone is sure to attract its fair share of attention.  To really appreciate this ancient mineral zoom in on our photo or better still, follow the link to our Flickr page where you'll find the photo in its original size. 

Turquoise was first mined in the Sinai Peninsula more than 8000 years ago by the Pharaoh Semerkhet and many magnificent artifacts have since been discovered in Ancient Egyptian burial chambers.  It was also the first gemstone to be imitated and today producing fake turquoise is big business around the world.  Many examples that we've come across during our time in business have actually been dyed howlite.  Howlite is naturally a white coloured stone which exhibits similar dark coloured veins or matrix as turquoise and being porous means that it absorbs dye particularly well.

Despite having been widely used for thousands of years, turquoise is a fragile stone that must be handled carefully and be well looked after in order to prevent it from becoming damaged.  With regards to turquoise jewellery we recommend stones be wiped with a soft cloth before and after being worn and be kept in a protective pouch or covered with material.  Pollutants in the atmosphere including perfume and hairspray can in the long term cause the stone to lose colour, mark or in the worst case scenario even crack.  This impressive turquoise pendant comes in a stylish gift pouch that will help protect the stone and minimise the build-up of tarnish on the sterling silver.

Turquoise which is the modern birthstone for the month of December grades 5 to 6 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  

Weight (grams) : 41.4
Measurements (cms) : 5.6 x 4.5 x 1.1




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