bumble bee jasper gemstone pendant in sterling silverBumble Bee Jasper Pendant | Stone Mania
bumble bee jasper gemstone pendant in sterling silver
bumble bee jasper gemstone pendant in sterling silver
bumble bee jasper gemstone pendant in sterling silver

Bumble Bee Jasper

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Striking Bumble Bee Jasper Gemstone Pendant


Ladies pendant crafted by hand in fine sterling silver.  This distinctive piece features a gemstone known as Bumble Bee Jasper although when cut as a cabochon, it's also known as Eclipse Stone.  Bumble Bee Jasper is relatively rare and can only be found on the island of Java in Indonesia.  It's a very fine grained material which can be seen in our photo of the back of the pendant, stones which exhibit such fine grain often take on an exceptional polish.

Java is a volcanic island and the yellow colouration that can be seen in Bumble Bee Jasper is sulphur.  It is however a stone that's almost completely mined out which means there's little or no gem grade material left available to mine.  This particular variety of jasper has not been found anywhere else in the world. 

Large amounts Bumble Bee Jasper have in the past been cut into cabochons for use in items of jewellery and most of the cutting is carried out in Jaipur in India.  Many gemstones have been given trade names by stone manufacturers there many of which are rarely used anywhere else in the world.  One example is Star Galaxy Jasper which outside of India, is know as Kambaba Jasper and another is Eclipse Stone otherwise known as Bumble Bee Jasper. 

A wonderfully unique and distinctive ladies pendant, all workmanship on this piece has been completed entirely by hand by one of a small team of artisans with whom we've been working for many years.  Despite its size it's surprisingly light weight and the bale is large enough that it may be worn on a slightly thicker style of chain if preferred.

See the original sized photo of this bumble bee jasper pendant on our Flickr page.  

Weight (grams) : 29.8
Size (cms) : 4.8 x 3.3 x 0.7




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