amethyst gemstone cabochon mounted as a ladies pendant necklace in sterling silverAmethyst Pendant | Stone Mania
amethyst gemstone cabochon mounted as a ladies pendant necklace in sterling silver
amethyst ladies pendant crafted in fine sterling silver
sterling silver ladies pendant featuring an amethyst cabochon gemstone

Amethyst Pendant

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Product Code: RPAC

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Rich Purple Amethyst Crystal


Comfortably light weight amethyst pendant featuring a rich purple coloured gemstone.  Although the colour of this crystal may initially appear to be a little dark, once illuminated from behind a magical transformation takes place.  It's quite common for different shades of colour to occur within the same crystal in the mineral amethyst and this characteristic is known as colour zoning.  The shades of colour can vary quite considerably but can only be fully appreciated when the stone is held up towards bright natural daylight.   

Birthstone for the month of February, amethyst is the purple variety of the mineral quartz.  A hugely popular stone with a history dating back to Ancient Greece, its colour which can vary from deep purple to subtle lilac is the result of impurities of iron and manganese.

Mounted in fine sterling silver, this amethyst pendant necklace has been crafted entirely by hand by one of a small team of artisans with whom we have been working for almost twenty years.  It comes in a stylish gift pouch that will help protect the gemstone whilst also minimising any build-up of tarnish on the silver setting.     

Weight (grams) : 13.5
Size (cms) : 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.9




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