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Turquoise Nugget

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One of just a small number of rough and unpolished turquoise nuggets from Madagascar that we currently have available, this stone boasts impressive colour and black inclusions of the host rock in which the turquoise originally formed.  Inclusions in turquoise can be black or brown and are correctly known as matrix, in many cases these distinctive markings help make the stone particularly easy to identify.  Turquoise which lacks matrix is highly sought after and the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona was one of the world's largest producers of a sky blue coloured stone with little or no matrix but having ceased their mining operation in 2012 to concentrate on copper instead, the price of this type of turquoise has soared.

Turquoise has been mined for thousands of years and it's a mineral that's well known by many different cultures around the world. Being graded 5 to 6 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness means that it's quite soft so must be handled carefully.  One of the few minerals to have given it's name to that of a colour, turquoise can fade or completely change colour as a result of long term exposure to bright light, acidity and moisture from the skin.  Coming into contact with other pollutants in the atmosphere such as perfume and the vapour from scented candles may also cause irreversible damage.  Many people are surprised at just how delicate this ancient gemstone is and sadly once damage occurs, it can rarely be reversed. Commercial grade stones are sometimes impregnated with wax or resin which offers a certain degree of protection.

One of the first gemstones ever to have been mined, its colour can vary significantly depending on the region where it was mined.  In some Asian cultures it's said that giving turquoise as a gift will bring the recipient good luck and peace.

The turquoise in our collection has been individually chosen by one the team and each piece is priced according to weight.

Weight (grams): 42.4
Size (cms): 4.2 x 3.5 x 3.2


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