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highly polished brown tigers eye mineral carved as a sphereTigers Eye Sphere | Stone Mania
highly polished brown tigers eye mineral carved as a sphere
highly polished brown tigers eye mineral carved as a sphere

Tigers Eye Sphere

Price: £11.99
Product Code: TESP



Small tigers eye sphere from our collection of crystals, rocks and minerals. This highly polished tigers eye sphere exhibits shades of brown which vary from light to dark and it's also fantastically chatoyant. Chatoyancy is an optical phenomenon which occurs in a few natural minerals but is best known for being seen in tigers eye.  As light reflects off the fibres within the stone, colours and markings appear to change and shimmer and can give the impression that they're actually moving.  The extent to which this can be seen depends on the amount of light that's being reflected and the way in which the tigers eye is being handled.  

This carefully chosen tigers eye sphere is quite captivating, it's wonderfully tactile, interacts with the light beautifully and would make a great addition to any collection of rocks and minerals.

Some of the world's finest tigers eye comes from South Africa and this is exactly where we go to buy many of our crystals, rocks and minerals.  This well known stone is a popular lapidary material which is widely used as a gemstone but tumbled stones are also popular both with collectors and for use with alternative therapies such as crystal healing.

Weight (grams): 21.4
Size (cms): 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.5




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