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polished sugilite sphere
sugilite sphere

Sugilite Sphere

Price: £198.00
Product Code: SGPH



Rare Sugilite Mineral Sphere


Carefully chosen sugilite sphere with unmistakable colour and striking markings.  Sugilite comes almost exclusively from just two localities in South Africa but sadly both are producing less of this sought after mineral each year.  As a result the supply chain is slowly drying up and prices for sugilite are currently at an all time high.  Even for those who are prepared to pay big money, fine grade stones can still be exceptionally difficult to find. The rarest and most highly sought after material is known as gel sugilite and even the smallest piece can command a staggering price. 

The colour of sugilite is caused primarily by the chemical element manganese which is a metal that's widely used as an alloy in industry and in particular with stainless steel.

Polished mineral spheres make wonderful display pieces and they're also surprisingly tactile.  This sugilite sphere was carefully chosen for our collection by one of our team.

Weight (grams) : 231.2
Size (cms) : 5.1 (in diameter)




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