polished sugilite spherePolished Sugilite Sphere
polished sugilite sphere
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Sugilite Sphere

Price: £198.00
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A carefully chosen and beautifully polished sugilite sphere with strong colour and distinctive markings.  Sugilite comes almost exclusively from just two localities in South Africa but sadly both are producing less of this rare mineral each year and because the supply chain is gradually drying up, prices are at an all time high.  

Sugilite's colour is caused primarily by manganese which is a trace mineral that's present in our bodies in tiny amounts.  Not enough or too much can cause a headache although the cause for most people tends to be stress or tension.  That said, because of the presence of manganese in sugilite it's recommended in crystal healing as a remedy for headache.  It's also believed to help eliminate hostility, anger, jealousy, prejudice and all other negative forces.

Polished mineral spheres make wonderful display pieces and many people find them to be surprisingly tactile.  This sugilite sphere is part of a small collection of this rare mineral that we currently have available and whilst we're always on the look out for more, we can't be certain for how much longer we'll be able to find it.

Weight (grams): 231.2
Size (cms): 5.1 (in diameter)


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