soft lilac coloured sugilite sphere a polished natural mineralSugilite Sphere | Stone Mania
soft lilac coloured sugilite sphere a polished natural mineral
soft lilac coloured sugilite sphere a natural polished mineral

Sugilite Sphere

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Medium Sugilite Sphere | South AFrica


A beautiful sugilte sphere from our collection of rocks and minerals.  This unique stone boasts subtle markings and a fantastic blend of colour including pinks and purples.  Found almost exclusively in the Kalahari Manganese Field, Northern Cape South Africa, sugilite has become increasingly scarce in recent years and there's huge demand particularly from Russian and Chinese collectors which has pushed the price of this already expensive mineral even higher.  

Sugilite is a manganese rich mineral that was named after the Japanese professor of petrology who initially discovered it during the 1940's.  His name was Professor Ken-ichi Sugi and the G in his name is hard hence is pronounced in the same way as the g in "gold".  The reason for mentioning this is because the g in sugilite is pronounced in exactly the same way but is almost always mispronounced and the g is said with a soft g as in the word "gel".

Although well polished this sugilite sphere exhibits a dull lustre which is a reference to the way that light interacts with the surface of the stone.  Minerals with this kind of lustre do not reflect light but absorb it instead.  Sadly the word "dull" isn't particularly enticing but with regards to crystals rocks and minerals it simply refers to the way that the human eye sees the object with the addition of light.

Polished mineral spheres make great collectables but with the mineral sugilite becoming rarer by the day, it's not known for sure how long these kind of pieces will remain within the grasp of the average collector or enthusiast.

Weight (grams) : 420
Size (cms) : 6.6 (in diameter)




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