stibnite mineralStibnite
stibnite mineral


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Stibnite is a very distinctive steely grey coloured mineral with an eye catching metallic lustre. It's an ore of antimony and forms long and slender prismatic crystals which tend to point in different directions. Antimony is a chemical element and one of its uses is to create the blue colour in fireworks.

This stibnite mineral boasts a magnificent web of shiny needles many of which have milky-white calcite crystals attached to them. It sparkles incessantly as it catches the light at almost every angle and there is an overwhelming temptation to keep wanting to touch them but this piece must be handled as little as possible because it is exceptionally fragile. Stibnite is graded just 2 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness so to put that into perspective, it's only very slightly harder than the clay mineral known as talc which is used to create talcum powder.

Weight (grams): 63.4
Size (cms): 7.5 x 5.6



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