amethyst spirit quartz rock formationSpirit Quartz
amethyst spirit quartz rock formation
amethyst spirit quartz rock formation

Spirit Quartz

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Spirit quartz is a fascinating and particularly eye catching natural mineral which only occurs in South Africa.  It's also known as cactus quartz and fairy quartz.

Most spirit quartz is amethyst and usually forms as a cluster of terminated points which are almost completely encrusted in a second generation of minute sparkling crystals. The name cactus quartz came about because of the shape of some specimens and fairy quartz because it can often be extremely sparkly as the crystals catch the light. In South Africa where we buy many of the crystals, rocks and minerals for our collection, it's simply known as spirit quartz.

This is a relatively large piece which is quite unusual considering most spirit quartz that you see being offered for sale tends to be quite small. 

Although not apparent from our photo because of our limited photographic skills, this mineral is covered in quartz crystals which sparkle incessantly as soon as they pick up the tiniest amount of light.

Weight (grams): 500
Size (cms): 14 x 7.6 x 9




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