sodalite massage wandSodalite Massage Wand

Sodalite Massage Wand

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A beautiful and wonderfully tactile sodalite massage wand from our collection of crystals, rocks and minerals.

Sodalite is an opaque, royal blue coloured mineral which is often included with calcite. Not particularly well known, it is sometimes used as a gemstone and tumbled stones are always popular for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing.

Highly polished and silky smooth to the touch, this sodalite massage wand boasts a subtle blend of soothing blue colours and it's included with both white and orange coloured calcite.

Although a crystal wand is often used by massage therapists and crystal healers, experience is not necessary to be able to use one. Simply move the wand in gentle circular motions starting at the temples and working slowly downwards. Massage wands are excellent tools for stress relief and ultimate relaxation. Ideally a second person should take charge of the massage and to further ehance the experience, consider lighting some candles, playing some relaxing music and essential oils may also be used.

Weight (grams): 67.1
Size (cms): 12.6 x 1.8 > 1.3


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