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polished septarian mineral sphere
polished septarian mineral sphere
polished septarian mineral sphere

Septarian Sphere

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Septarian Nodule or Concretion


Polished septarian sphere, an exceptionally distinctive stone that's widely used for lapidary purposes. The name septarian comes from the Latin word septum meaning a dividing partiition between tissues or cavities. It may sound familiar because the name is used to describe the piece of flesh that divides one nostril from the other.  Although often described as a mineral, septarian is in fact a rock that's often referred to as a septarian nodule or concretion. The difference between a rock and a mineral is rocks are made up of different minerals whereas minerals are made up of crystals. Septarian is made up primarily of three different minerals, calcite, aragonite and limestone.

Septarian nodules formed around the time dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth and are sometimes described as prehistoric mud balls.  They formed in water and the process took millions of years and whilst geologists have a pretty good idea about how they evolved, there are still many unanswered questions.

This septarian sphere will make a striking display or it could also be used for the purpose of crystal healing.  It has been very slightly reduced because it has a small indentation on one side that measures three millimetres by one millimetre.  For a stone that's a few millions years old it's aged pretty well and in the world of crystal healing, a stone with an imperfection, anomaly or any kind of damage is known as an empathic warrior.  The energy of these crystals is said to regenerate and the transformation leads to more powerful curative powers.       

Weight (grams): 155.4
Size (cms) : 4.7 in diameter





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