large polished ruby zoisite sphereRuby Zoisite Sphere
large polished ruby zoisite sphere
large polished ruby zoisite sphere
large polished ruby zoisite sphere

Ruby Zoisite Sphere

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A stunning ruby zoisite sphere which we purchased from the private collection of one of our suppliers. This highly polished mineral boasts magnificent colour and markings and was carved specifically as a gift for the gentleman from whom we bought it.  He agreed to sell it to us after we admired it because he is retiring and no longer has space for such a huge personal collection.

Ruby zoisite is primarily a combination of the minerals zoisite and corundum and whilst red corundum is known as ruby, all other colours are known as sapphire. Ruby zoisite is sometimes referred to as ruby in zoisite and occasionally anyolite although this name is rarely used.  It's mined almost exclusively in Tanzania and is a popular lapidary material and a sphere of this size and grade is really quite rare.

This is a magnificent ruby zoisite sphere which would make an amazing gift for anyone with a love for polished minerals. When gently moved around in good light, minute sparkling crystals can be seen but we have not been able to capture these in our photo.

Weight (grams): 920
Size (cms): 7.9 in diameter


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