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rose quartz candle shaped mineral specimen
rose quartz candle shaped mineral specimen

Rose Quartz

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Beautiful part polished rose quartz mineral specimen shaped like a candle.  Rose quartz is a pink variety of the mineral quartz which is used primarily for lapidary purposes.  The stone that's widely referred to as rose quartz has a crystal habit that's described as massive.  This term describes the external shape of an individual crystal or group of crystals.  Rose quartz only ever occurs in massive form meaning it's shapeless with no visible external crystal shape.  There is however another type of pink coloured quartz that does occur in well formed crystals but there are significant differences in the physical properties and causes of its colour hence it should not be referred to as rose quartz.  This much rarer natural mineral should (and usually is) described simply as pink quartz. 

As well as being hugely popular for beads, gemstones and many other lapidary items, rose quartz is also frequently transformed into tumbled stones which tend to be used with alternative therapies such as crystal healing.  In the metaphysical world rose quartz is considered to be a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.  When placed close to the bed it's said to attract love but it can also be used to help support an existing relationship.  

Shades of colour in rose quartz can vary from bright to pale pink and hues of lavender or orange can also sometimes be visible.  It's generally a cloudy mineral so when cut as a gemstone it tends to be cut as a cabochon.  The exact source of its pink colour has been debated for hundreds of years and whilst many believe that it's due to impurities of iron, titanium and possibly manganese, this has never been confirmed.  One thing that is known is that the pink colour of rose quartz is sensitive to light and may fade over time so ornamental pieces in particular, should always be kept away from bright sunlight.

This part polished rose quartz ornamental mineral would make a wonderful gift for a loved one or someone special.

Weight (grams): 220
Size (cms): 7.9 x 4.8 x 5.1




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