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Highly polished rhodonite sphereRhodonite Sphere | Stone Mania
Highly polished rhodonite sphere
Highly polished rhodonite sphere
Highly polished rhodonite sphere

Rhodonite Sphere

Price: £98.99
Product Code: RDNS



A good sized rhodonite sphere from our collection of polished minerals.  Being so highly polished made this sphere particularly difficult to capture well in a photograph.  The sphere is heavily included with manganese oxide which is not unusual for rhodonite and it's certainly make this natural mineral sphere an eye catching and distinctive ornamental piece.

The colour of rhodonite can vary from light pink to the deepest shades of red and it frequently occurs with inclusions of managanese oxide.  This can be in the form of dendrites, fracture fillings or matrix and the amount that's present can vary from a single tiny spot to the point where the colour of the rhodonite is almost completely hidden.  The dramatic black colour and the patterns that it makes ensures that each piece of rhodonite is unique and for many collectors, it's what attracts them to a particular specimen. 

When used as a gemstone rhodonite tends to be cut as a cabochon and can be very highly polished.  Fine grade transparent crystals are extremely rare and some of the finest stones which tend to be faceted, come from Broken Hill, Yancowinna County in New South Wales. This location is one of the richest sources of gem grade rhodonite in the world.

Weight (grams): 580
Size (cms): 7 in diameter




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