rhodonite palm stone with deep red and black colourationRhodonite Palm Stone
rhodonite palm stone with deep red and black colouration

Rhodonite Palm Stone

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A rhodonite palm stone that's solid and extremely tactile, fits comfortably in the palm of the hand which makes it ideal for use in alternative therapies such as crystal healing.  This highly polished natural mineral exhibits a dull lustre and it's the only piece of its kind that we currently have available.

Although rhodonite is best known for its raspberry red colour, it can also occur in many other shades of red and pink and is often included with manganese oxide. These black markings can appear as part of the rock matrix, as fracture-fillings or as dendrites which are crystal formations that resemble 'branching forms'.  The amount of manganese oxide that's present can vary dramatically from one stone to the next and can be a tiny spec or almost cover the entire surface of the mineral.  When the inclusions occur as dendrites they're often mistaken for fossilised organic matter but are simply a pattern of crystals similar to those seen on glass windows during icy conditions.

There are a couple of very minor nicks in this rhodonite palm stone which can be felt more than seen. It is not always possible to polish a mineral to perfection without losing more of it than you'd like and part of the beauty of nature is that perfection rarely exists. In crystal healing minerals with imperfections whether they be the result of Mother Nature or the hand of man, are believed to hold some of the strongest energies. This is because despite sustaining a wound they're still beautiful enough to attract our attention and that gives them even more strength.

Weight (grams): 129
Size (cms): 7. x 4.8 x 2




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