three colourful rainbow fluorite terminated pointsRainbow Fluorite Points

Rainbow Fluorite Points

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Each of these rainbow fluorite point boasts wonderful colours which are best seen when this translucent mineral is lit up from behind. The colours in rainbow fluorite generally occur in zones or layers and it has to be said that for anyone who loves crystals, rocks and minerals, pieces like this really are a firm favourite. It's extremely important to note that rainbow fluorite points are extremely fragile so it's not unusual for them to have a tiny nick or indentation but that said, all of the pieces that we feature in our collection have been individually and meticulously chosen. These terminated points are really beautiful and as well as the impressive colours, it's also possible to see the crystallization within.

Fluorite occurs in many different colours but primarily in shades of red, purple, green, blue and yellow but it can also be colourless. Derbyshire blue john is a very rare variety which is now virtually mined out and comes from the county in England after which it was named.

Another two factors worth knowing about fluorite is that all or some of its colours can occur in distinctive layers or zones within the same crystal and the word fluorescence was derived from the name of this mineral because certain stones have the ability to fluoresce when viewed under UV light.

Rainbow fluorite is graded 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness and is the index mineral for this level on the scale. As previously stated it is extremely fragile and will chip, crack or fracture very easily so be sure to handle fluorite terminated points with great care and ensure they are placed somewhere safe where they are not going to be knocked over.

These terminated points are being offered for sale individually so please choose the one that you'd like to purchase from the drop down list before proceeding to checkout. The first details in the list are applicable to the rainbow fluorite point on the left of the photo, next is the small point at the front and lastly the one on the right.


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