two large translucent quartz points that are fused togetherQuartz Point | Stone Mania
two large translucent quartz points that are fused together
two unpolished quartz points fused together

Quartz Point

Price: £106.00
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Large terminated quartz point with a slightly waxy lustre.  As well as featuring impressive crystallisation this quartz mineral features two terminated points that have fused together from the same root.  In crystal healing these type of formations are known as twin crystals or tantric twin crystals and are said to represent romantic relationships.  They are said to be particularly suitable for those who believe they have found their soul mate.

A carefully chosen piece which originated in South Africa, this terminated quartz point is incredibly tactile and would make an amazing gift for anyone with an interest in the natural world or crystals, rocks and minerals.

Weight (grams): 760
Size (cms): 18 x 4.5




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