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Quartz Crystal Ball

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A truly magical quartz crystal ball boasting fascinating crystallisation and some wonderful colours which can be seen as this natural mineral is gently moved so that it catches the light at various angles.

The history of the crystal ball can be traced back to the Celtic Druids and Pliny the Elder Ancient Roman author also wrote about them in the 1st century AD. Whilst there may be plenty of scepticism regarding its ability to foresee the future, the crystal ball has undoubtedly fascinated mankind for thousands of years and there's definitely something about it which captures the imagination.

To really be able to appreciate the beauty of a polished crystal ball try using a strong magnifier such as a loupe and instead of seeing what the future has in store, you'll be able to marvel at the unequivocal magnificence of Mother Nature.

This meticulously chosen quartz crystal ball radiates energy, beauty and would make a welcome addition to any collection of polished minerals.

Weight (grams): 209
Size (cms): 5.4 in diameter




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