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polychrome jasper polished mineralPolychrome Jasper Oval | Stone Mania
polychrome jasper polished mineral
oval shaped polychrome jasper mineral

Polychrome Jasper

Price: £19.99
Product Code: POJAP



Polychrome Jasper is a relatively unknown variety of jasper which to date has only been found in Madagascar.  An exceptionally colourful mineral and one which takes on a high polish, it's used primarily for lapidary purposes and in particular small carvings, tumbled stones and cabochons.  Also known as Desert Jasper, this stone is a fairly new discovery and due to it's remarkable colours and markings is proving to be very popular. 

Polished rocks and minerals make wonderful gifts for those with an interest in the natural world and this polychrome jasper polished oval which comes in its own stylish gift pouch, is a piece that certainly won't disappoint.  

Weight (grams): 29.2
Size (cms): 5.4 in diameter x 2.8 (depth)




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