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Large polished petrified wood specimen
large polished petrified wood specimen

Petrified Wood

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Large and highly polished petrified wood from South Africa. This relatively heavy piece weighs in at over 2½ kgs and boasts wonderful colour and incredible detail.

Petrified wood sometimes referred to as fossilized wood is a virtual replica of the original organic matter which having been through the process of petrifaction, has been transformed into stone. The word petrifaction which comes from Ancient Greek literally means "wood turned into stone".

Petrified wood which can date back millions of yeas is Mother Nature's way of preserving the past.  What makes pieces like this so fascinating is that although the organic matter has been replaced with natural minerals, much of its original structure is still in tact and fine detail right down to ring patterns in some cases, can often still be seen.

In and around each of the holes in this piece of highly polished petrified wood minute sparkling crystals can be seen if you manage to catch the light at the right angle.

Weight (grams) : 2540
Size (cms) : 29.5 x 26.7 x 1.7




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