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Peanut Wood

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Peanut wood is a type of petrified wood but the main difference is that before it was petrified it was carried into the ocean where it was slowly washed and cleaned so that it resembled driftwood. Whilst in the water it was attacked by a species of salt water clam known as teredo navalis also known as the naval shipworm which is a destructive pest of submerged timber. As the attacks continued, the peanut wood slowly sank to the ocean bed and over time, the holes that had been bored by the naval shipworm were filled with a light coloured sediment. Further layers of sediment and mud continued to build up and this gradually brought about the process of petrifaction.

The name peanut wood came about because the lighter coloured boreholes were believed to resemble tiny chips of peanut.

This highly polished and particularly striking piece of peanut wood is the only piece of this natural mineral that we currently have available.

Weight (grams): 136.6
Size (cms) : 8.7 x 4.2 x 3.2




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