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orange river quartz mineral featuring rich orange coloured terminated pointsOrange River Quartz
orange river quartz mineral featuring rich orange coloured terminated points
a slab of quartz that's full of orange coloured terminated points
the greyish white coloured underside of a slab of orange river quartz

Orange River Quartz

Price: £49.99
Product Code: ORQZ



Orange River Quartz is a natural mineral that's not seen that often in Europe.  Its rich orange colour is caused by inclusions of hematite just below the surface of the quartz.  Orange River which is one of the main rivers in South Africa starts in Lesotho and goes on to form the border between South Africa and Namibia.  It runs through the Northern Cape of South Africa which is a mineral rich area of the country.

The unmistakable colour of Orange River Quartz makes it a relatively easy mineral to identify and this eye catching piece features a great collection of terminated points.  Being lustrous means that it catches the light beautifully and would certainly add a splash of colour to any collection of minerals.

Weight (grams): 220
Size (cms): 11.5 x 11.2 (widest point) x 3.3 (highest point)




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